5th December 2023 11:47 am
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House of the Gundead has us excited for arcades again

  • House of the Gundead is an arcade light gun shooter based on the Enter the Gungeon series of games.
  • The cabinet is now available for order, but you’ll have to have deep pockets to afford it.
  • A digital release or some home version has not been mentioned.

Enter the Gungeon from 2016 is one of the best roguelikes ever made – or the best if you ask us – and it has spawned a mobile game spinoff and now, strangely, another spinoff designed only for arcades in the form of House of the Gundead.

And yes before we get any further that name is a riff on The House of the Dead, the famous series of arcade light gun shooters.

House of the Gundead has been shown off in various trailers over the years with its reveal happening all the way back in 2019.

After all those years the arcade cabinet is now available to order with a launch trailer accompanying it.

“House of the Gundead brings the rapid-fire action, beautiful pixel art, unpredictable levels, and adorably deadly characters of smash hit dungeon crawler Enter the Gungeon to the arcades! Yeah, that’s right: Devolver is making an actual arcade game,” reads a press release sent to us.

The quality of the art work has long been praised in the Enter the Gungeon games and, based on what we have seen in the trailers, this arcade version looks just as good, albeit in a new perspective. Enter the Gungeon is a top down shooter while House of the Gundead is the usual first person light gun fair.

Unfortunately the art (and a bit of the music) is all we can really report on without playing the game so we have to rely on some external information for that.

“Explore and explode your way through an ever-evolving series of procedurally generated floors protected by the dangerously endearing Cult of the Gundead. Discover uniquely fantastic weapons, wild power-ups, and hidden secrets as you gun down the evil hordes,” the press release continues.

The physical arcade cabinets are now up for order here with some caveats. The first is, of course, the price. You would need to shell out a whopping $5 883.93. Arcade cabinets have always been expensive and if you want one of these to generate you money in an actual arcade or another setting like a bar we could maybe justify that price, but as fans who just want to enjoy a new Gungeon experience at home that price excludes us and we have to imagine most of the fanbase save for the richest and most dedicated out there.

For those who do have the money, you will still need to wait 90 days after ordering for the cabinet to arrive, shipping out of the America state of Indiana.

For your money and three month wait, you will get a cabinet featuring a 43″ LCD monitor, a coin mechanism, two Sinden Lightguns with haptic feedback, a 2.1 sound system and art from the game on all sides.

The full cabinet weighs 550 pounds and measures in at 36 X 38.5 X 77 inches (L x W x H). In units the rest of the world can understand, that’s around 250 kilograms and 91 X 97 X 195 centimetres.

At the time of writing no mention is made about any possible home release or software-only version of this arcade experience.

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