29th November 2023 8:26 am
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Even large homes can be cleaned with a Xiaomi robot vacuum

While robot vacuum cleaners are now more easily accessible and affordable in South Africa, some misconceptions about these smart home appliances still linger. For example, that they are not actually good at cleaning, or that robot vacuum cleaners only make sense in a small home or apartment.

There are a number of options available locally that counter those arguments, many of which come out of Xiaomi, which has a wide lineup of offerings to fit any South African budget or size of home.

For those with something a bit more palatial or simply with lots of square meterage that needs regular cleaning, Xiaomi has a great solution in the form of the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10+.

We have already looked at the regular S10, which boasts a laser-guided navigation system to better map and clean your home, but the S10+ takes things a step further, as the model number would suggest.

Here we will focus on those two aforementioned misconceptions, and explain why the S10+ is purpose-built to answer both of them.

Bigger is indeed better

First its cleaning capabilities, the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10+ can handle both dry and wet cleaning. Regarding the latter, two double-layer composite mops are present. These mops are made from woven fabrics to ensure they retain moisture evenly, are easy to unhook and fasten, and the advent of pressurised mopping and high-speed rotating make cleaning a breeze, even on tough stains.

This is paired with a large capacity water tank, which houses 200ml more liquid compared to the S10, and is designed to yield up to 80 minutes of constant moisture cleaning and cover an area as large as 150 square metres. As such, you can be safe in the knowledge that the S10+ can be filled up, powered on, and left to clean your house’s tiled surfaces and rooms without needing to check on it.

As for the dry cleaning, this Xiaomi robot vacuum is well appointed too, sporting a 4000Pa fan blower to suction up dirt and debris, along with having four different speeds to handle different types of surfaces. Added to this is a large 450ml capacity bin, which like the water tank, allows the S10+ to operate unencumbered by needing to stop to empty mid-routine.

Now for the other misconception – not being able to handle vacuuming large homes.

To ensure that this is not a concern for owners of the S10+, Xiaomi has fitted this vacuum cleaner with a massive 5 200mAh battery. In the standard cleaning mode, this yields up to two hours of operating time before a visit to the charging station is needed.

In those two hours, up to 200 square metres of space can be cleaned. With the standard mode being quite thorough, only one pass will be needed in order to clean large homes.

This is coupled with 3D obstacle detection via its dual-line laser and LDS LIDAR systems. Sensors designed to pick up objects like carpet edges, the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10+ is built to perform tasks quickly and efficiently.

If you are interested in a robot vacuum cleaner that is made with larger homes in mind, while also being budget-friendly, be sure to check out the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10+ at local retailers like Takealot, Yuppiechef, Incredible, Tafelberg, and FNB.