5th December 2023 8:40 am
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The Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10 gets around the home thanks to laser-guided tech

A few years ago, owning a robot vacuum cleaner seemed out of reach for most South Africans. Most options that you could get in the country were wildly expensive, but in recent years more manufacturers have entered the local market, offering different options to match up with a myriad of budgets.

In 2023 then, it has become easier than ever to pick up a robot vacuum cleaner, along with it not costing an arm and a leg either.

One such company making this possible is Xiaomi, which has a wide array of smart appliances for the home available in South Africa, with the same wide gamut of options applying to its robot vacuum cleaners too.

On that front we are highlighting the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10, which is one of the more affordable options in the lineup, but is not short on impressive technology to keep your home clean, and perhaps equally as important, ensure your furniture and pets don’t suffer any undue damage along the way.

Powering the precise movement of the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10 is an LDS laser navigation system. That’s right, this robot vacuum cleaner boasts technology on par with some of the leading high-end models on the market, but for considerably less money.

With this laser navigation technology, the S10 can achieve full 360-degree scanning, which in turn allows it to quickly identify objects in your home and build an accurate home map. This helps speed up the time that it takes the robot vacuum cleaner to get around the house, as well as ensure that any furniture is not unnecessarily knocked into.

The LDS laser navigation system is capable of completing six 360-degree scans per second, which assists with accuracy and any curious pets or children who want to investigate the robot vacuum cleaner. Added to this is a scanning range of eight metres, allowing the S10 to map its environment well before an obstacle gets in its way. As proof of its accuracy while scanning, there is only a deviation percentage of 2.5 percent, meaning precision is the name of the game with the S10.

One of the other nifty elements to the LDS laser navigation system, is the fact that it is housed on top of the robot vacuum cleaner, and not fitted on the side like some other manufacturers like to do. This is critical as the raised vantage point improves scanning range, as well as making sure that if an unexpected knock happens on the side, the sensors remain protected away from harm.

Paired with the Xiaomi Mi Home or Home app, the Robot Vacuum S10 can be set up to create different types of cleaning zones within a room, where simple vacuuming may be needed in one area and a mop or brush is required in another. There is also the ability to store multiple floor maps, making the S10 perfect for use in large homes or multiple storey dwellings. Lastly, should you wish your S10 to steer clear of a certain area, there are no-go zones too that can be programmed, all of which is powered by the capabilities of the LDS laser navigation system.

If you too are interested in investing in a feature-rich robot vacuum cleaner, but are working on a tight budget, the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10 is the only option worth considering. Find out how to get your hands on from retailers like Takealot, Yuppiechef, Incredible, Tafelberg, FNB, and Vodacom.