6th December 2023 1:32 pm
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Xiaomi cracks 2 hours of cleaning with the S10+ Robot Vacuum

For the longest time corded vacuums were the only real way to get things done. The high power draw meant that, even as cordless alternatives hit the market, they simply lacked the power for serious cleaning.

Miniaturisation and, maybe more importantly, improvements in battery technology have brought the cordless vacuum closer to parity with its corded brethren, though usually at the expense of high prices for the convenience. Some “handheld” options also weigh quite a bit to pack in all the motor power you need, and the battery to get it going.

Now as automation becomes the norm in modern homes Robot Vacuums are quickly being adopted, but they too are running into the same problems as cordless vacuums – how do you fit a powerful motor and a long-lasting battery into a small chassis, all without breaking the bank?

Xiaomi has managed to solve this with the Robot Vacuum S10+ which seeks to be the perfect meeting point between suction power, battery longevity, and price.

The 4 000 Pa suction fan on the S10+ comes with four speeds that can handle everything from the smallest specs of dust up to even larger debris, all of which gets effortlessly sucked into the large capacity, internal dustbin.

While vacuum strength is important don’t overlook the mopping functionality too. Like the internal dustbin, the S10+ has a Smart Water Tank for optimal mopping. The two high quality mop pads effectively clean floors of all sizes and materials which, combined with the powerful vacuum, make for a complete floor clean.

But Xiaomi’s real trick with the S10+ is just how long that complete cleaning can last. The high capacity 5 200 mAh battery can last up to two hours in Standard Mode. That gets you more than 200 m2 of floor cleaned in one go without the need to return for a charge. That’s enough to clean apartments and complexes multiple times on one charge, or larger homes all at once.

The extra capacity also opens up the S10+ for use in businesses where there is usually more floor space to work with. This Robot Vacuum can also expertly dodge and weave between the busy foot traffic of an office thanks to LDS laser navigation, 3D obstacle avoidance, carpet edge identification and more smart features that Xiaomi has been perfecting in its Robot Vacuum family.

For both homes and businesses you can even build a map of the building and assign different cleaning routines to each segment of the property. You can even set up areas where the Robot Vacuum shouldn’t go, further automating the cleaning process and requiring less manual intervention.

For example, we know at home we’re prone to a good spring cleaning that has a room filled with junk, so that room can be set up as a no-go area. At work, on the other hand, you can set conference rooms as similar no-go areas so that important meetings aren’t intruded upon by a little robot guest.

The Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10+ is available in South Africa now through Takealot, Yuppiechef, and Tafelberg with a RRP of just R9 999. That price is great for everything you’re getting, especially when you consider that some of the normal cordless vacuums sell for the same or more.

The fact that you can get an autonomous Robot Vacuum, with such a longer battery life, for around the same price is a true feat of modern engineering and aggressive pricing from Xiaomi in this country.