5th December 2023 11:46 am
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The enlarged cover screen makes the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 two great phones in one

As with all cutting edge tech the world of folding phones has faced a massive problem in the first years of its life: how can the phone be useful even when it isn’t unfolded? With the Galaxy Z Flip5 Samsung has solved it with the largest cover screen yet.

The 3.4 inch Flex Window is a breakthrough for folding phones, offering a large secondary screen that isn’t just useful when the phone is closed, but also changes how you use your phone entirely.

When the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 is closed you can still do just about everything right from the Flex Window. Reply to messages with a full keyboard, check the time and your calendar, control media that’s playing, pay for items using digital cards and even access settings.

The secret to packing so much into the Flex Window, aside from the bigger screen, is the Multi Widget View. No matter how many widgets you choose to have on the Flex Screen – and the decision really is up to you with so much customisability – the Multi Widget View allows you to quickly jump between them.

Even better is that, like a fine wine, the Flex Window will get better with age. Every day developers are working to bring their app functionality to the Flex Window so you can do more all from the cover screen. And, right now, early customers can already enjoy many apps that are already optimised for the Flex Window.

This new approach to a bigger, better, and more usual cover screen also unlocks untapped potential for photography.

With the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 you can use the main camera array to take selfies. With other, non-folding phones you are stuck using the selfie camera for front-facing shots, which is usually a less powerful snapper compared to the lenses on the back. The cover screen gives you that power back as selfies now use the main back camera for the best selfies and super easy group shots.

With so much packed into the Flex Window, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 feels more like two phones: one when it’s closed and you can use the Flex Window, and a different one when it’s flipped open.

Now you can enjoy the larger 6.7 inch display with its outstanding 2640 x 1080 (FHD+) resolution and super fast 120 Hz refresh rate.

Samsung has worked tirelessly to make this beautiful display perfect for everything from content creation to content consumption. Streaming, social media, gaming, and more are all a cut above the rest, but just because the Galaxy Z Flip5 is unfolded doesn’t mean you’re not enjoying the Flex Window.

Unfold the phone halfway and the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 becomes its own phone stand. Place it down to continue enjoying recording sessions or streaming. The new Flex Mode Panel joins in on the fun too, essentially turning your phone into a powerful but pocketable notebook. The top portion of the screen can be used independently from the bottom, giving you even more freedom.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 may feel like two phones in one, but you can have it today with just one purchase.