1st December 2023 10:11 pm
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From power in your pocket to lighting up businesses, RCT does it all

We recently brought you a breakdown of the great power brands that distributor Rectron offers in South Africa, starting with RCT. Today let’s look more closely at RCT and what it offers local buyers looking to not only get through loadshedding, but also live with more power at their fingertips.

RCT understands that, for many individuals and businesses, turning off certain appliances is simply not acceptable. The brand is here to offer not just unmatched continuity, but also portable power and green alternatives through solar.

For those who never stop moving, consider the range of MegaPower Power Banks. As the name suggests these are much more capable than regular power banks thanks to their huge capacities which can keep small appliances such as internet routers powered for several hours, or they can charge up phones and tablets many times before needing a recharge.

The larger MegaPower Power Banks even come with full size South African plugs so you’re not just limited to what can be charged through USB. This unlocks many new options for camping, weekend getaways and off grid living with a power source that can still be kept in a backpack.

For those with even more serious portable power needs, look no further than the MegaPower Trolley Inverter. This heavy hitter is packing 1 000W of capacity otherwise known as a full kilowatt. You can move the MegaPower Trolley Inverter wherever you need it, plug it into whatever needs power, and enjoy several hours of use depending on the load. This kind of flexibility is greatly appreciated for home, offices and even schools where the power needs change and a fixed alternative just won’t do.

If you are in need of a fixed alternative power solution, RCT offers a full range of inverters and batteries for any occasion. The IT department will be particularly happy to see RCT offering rackmount server options (and even rackmount rail kits) to install backup power directly into your server space. It’s not often that one company will cover both consumer and business like this, but RCT does just that.

RCT also has a huge focus on renewable options with solar panel modules and battery units which are made for tough conditions like high winds and heavy snows. While snow won’t be a consideration here in South Africa, we can see that wind resistance being rather important in places like Cape Town. Cape Town, and other coastal areas in SA, will also appreciate the high salt and ammonia resistance also packed into these panels.

These are just some of the offerings from the huge RCT catalogue. You can truly fulfil all your home and business power needs just with RCT and to learn more about RCT (and to order your power products directly) head on over to rctzone.co.za.

You can see some of the inverter options in our gallery below, with several sizes and styles available. A standout for us is the RCT Axpert solar inverter which features a sleek housing and a display encircled by an LED ring which can be customised.

Inside of the right there is a display with readouts of important information about your inverter, but you don’t even need to be looking at it to get those figures, as built-in WiFi allows for mobile monitoring. This is perfect for keeping track of your power when away from home or the office to brace for loadshedding when it hits.