Apple says wearables are coming

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Apple CEO Tim Cook has been taking part in AllThingsD‘s big annual conference, D11, and he’s been a little franker than we might have expected about up and coming products. In Apple terms, he could be positively described as blabber-mouthed in an hour and twenty minute chat on-stage chat with Walt Mossberg and Katherine Boehret, since he says explicitly…

On wearables

I think the wrist is interesting

On Apple Maps

We screwed up, and we’re not there yet.


It continues to be an area of great interest.

Jesting aside, it’s a great interview and well worth watching over at AllThingsD. The big news is that yes, Apple are looking at something like a watch or other wearables, and there’s something big waiting in the wings to be announced soon. Also, and most interesting, Cooks says that he’s keep to open up Apple’s APIs a bit so that developers can innovate with some of iOS’ core functions, although the chances of getting Android-like customisations and keyboard replacements is slim.

Adam Oxford

Adam Oxford

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