Calorific cards from Google

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Google’s always adding new little features to its search tool to make life just that little bit easier. This week’s addition goes quite some way – in fact, your life will get both easier and healthier. The search giant has added nutritional information for over 1 000 different foods to its Knowledge Graph database, accessible from both desktop search and mobile apps. This means that if you happen to type a search like “How many calories are in popcorn?”, or “How much protein is in a rump steak?”, you’ll get accurate information right on the results page. This contrasts to how we had to do it previously: type in search, sift through results, hope there’s no conflicting information.

The results are in-depth, too. You can explore the nutritional values of the foods in various quantities, using nifty drop-down boxes. You can also get creative with your searches and ask Google whether popcorn has any sodium or if how much sugar is in pineapple.

Sadly, the feature is only just being rolled out in the US, and that process will take 10 days. Google doesn’t give a time frame for how long it’ll be before the rest of the world has access, but it promises to add more languages and features over time, leading to hopefully a more informed and healthier population.

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Christo van Gemert

Christo van Gemert

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