Xperia Tablet Z in SA this July

Sony Mobile South Africa today announced, to a small group of press, that it would have its flagship Xperia Tablet Z in the country, this July. The sleek Android tablet was originally announced for Japan in the middle of January.

The delayed arrival will be frustrating for those who’ve been waiting to get their hands on Sony’s tablet. The 10.1-inch device boasts a full HD display, LTE connectivity, and has the thinnest body of any tablet, at just 6.9mm thick. Weighing just 495g, it also makes other tablets look like right fatties. Good on ya, Sony.

Like the range-topping Xperia Z phone, the tablet also has waterproofing, and can take a few knocks. We’ve seen Sony reps repeatedly punish their equipment, making onlookers cringe, and there’s yet to be an “Oops, it broke” moment. We don’t see Samsung or Apple doing the same.

Despite launching it to the press, today, the company was still hesitant to give an exact launch day. The current date is merely July. And the current price is, “we’ve not yet confirmed anything.”

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