Behind the Afrodroid podcast

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Gratuitous plug here. I love these quick and straightforward interviews our sister site GirlGuides often carries. This week’s weekend reading is a chat with Palesa Sibeko, who hosts the Afrodroid podcast and owns digital agency Inquisition Media.

Sibeko has some interesting things to say about the level of mobile development here compared to oop north, as I am wont to say. I’m not sure I agree with her entirely – I think there’s some stunning work going on in SA, it’s just a little harder to find.

The local industry is booming as you can imagine, but I don’t believe that it’s necessarily at an optimal level. Compared to Kenya and several other parts of Africa, I don’t think we’re quite getting to the point where mobile is being treated as a tool that can make a significant positive difference where it counts, where it actually solves problems.

Read the rest over here.

Adam Oxford

Adam Oxford

Adam is the Editorial Director at htxt media. He has been writing about technology for almost two full decades now. In a previous life, he was the editor of PC Format and Digital Camera Shopper in the UK, before going on to work as a freelance journalist for seven years. His work has appeared in or on Stuff, The Guardian, Linux Format, TechRadar,, PC Gamer, Green Futures, The Journalist, The Ecologist and The Review. Adam moved to South Africa in 2012 and loves 3D printers, MakerFairs and tech hubs. He hates seafood. None of his friends remember this when cooking.