Buy your Apple kit now: price increase on the way

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Thinking of picking up a new Mac or iPad sometime over the next couple of weeks? You should probably act sooner rather than later. And sooner as in “this weekend”. Multiple retail sources have confirmed that Core Group, the exclusive distributors for Apple gear in South Africa, has informed them of price increases. One source confirmed that retail prices will increase between 10-  and 18%, effective Monday the 1st of July.

We reached out to Core about the price increase but their lips were sealed, which is of course to be expected. What’s also not entirely unexpected is that price rises are finally upon us. The rand has gone from R8.46 to the dollar in January, to over R9 in May. It is currently hovering around R10 to the US currency, which makes anything imported into the country proportionally more expensive – despite forward cover for exchange rates, which Core Group openly admits to using, sooner or later that kind of change is going have an effect. At least this is only consumer economics – as the weak rand filters through the economy the only good news will be for manufacturers who produce for the domestic market or export overseas, where South African products will be cheaper.

As far as gadgets go, we’re fairly confident that if Apple gear does go up, other electronic brands will follow suit, so bite the bullet and stock up this weekend.

rand to dollar
The rand versus the dollar over the last 12 months, from




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