Cape Town’s Triggerfish starts Sea Monster movie

Triggerfish Animation Studios, the Cape Town-based which is slowly gaining reputation for Hollywood-quality CGI flicks, has started work on a brand new movie. Variety has the scoop over here, and the film-site says that the ‘Fish’s Raffaella Delle Donne has started work on a first draft of the screenplay.

Triggerfish is best known for a) being South Africa’s most prolific animator and b) the kids’ film Adventures in Zambezia, which released around Christmas time and featured the voices of Leonard Nimoy and Samuel L Jackson. According to Variety:

(Sea Monster) turns on an obsessive-compulsive science geek who discovers a primordial sea monster off the coast of South Africa, and has to overcome his fear of the ocean before the creature is captured by an unscrupulous professor, changing the face of the planet forever.

Which is rubbish, obviously. So there’ll be a hero who saves the day and so on.

Variety says that it costs a quarter of the price to make a CGI flick in South Africa compared to the US. Big hint there, Hollywood. Also, we have better weather.

Triggerfish is currently getting ready for the launch of its latest movie, Khumba, which is another African-themed adventure, this time with the voices of Steve Buscemi, Liam Neeson and the awesome Laurence Fishburne.

(pic from Variety)

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