Microsoft spends $700mil on Xbox Live data centre

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When the Xbox One was announced on the 21st of May Microsoft stated that the Xbox LIVE service would have 300 000 servers to handle the cloud gaming needs of its new console up from the 15 000 that powered the Live service for the Xbox 360. With the November release date edging closer by the day Microsoft has just announced a $700 million data center in Des Moines Iowa that has been tasked with handling Microsoft’s cloud computing needs including the Xbox One’s Live service.

We reached out to Microsoft South Africa for comment on whether the data centre would mean increased lag and latency for South African gamers because of the distance or whether we could expect a local mirror. A representative said that while there were talks under way already around the issue of localising the service there were no definitive answers yet regarding server location. The good news is that with South Africa only receiving the Xbox in Wave 4 of the release schedule Microsoft SA have plenty of time to get things set up for South African gamers.

David Greenway

David Greenway

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