3D printed Robo Raven flies like a real bird

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The University of Maryland has managed to create a robot bird so realistic that it has even managed to convinced other birds to follow it in flight and in one case it has even been attacked by a hawk. Robo Raven is the culmination of almost a decade of work by Professor SK Gupta who along with his team has managed to create a design that enabled Robo Raven to flap each of its wings independently of each other. The change in design came from the ability to design and 3D print lightweight components which allowed the team enough of a weight saving to put in a second actuator for the wings. Professor Gupta says that giving Robo Raven independently actuated wings  “allows us (them) to try new in-flight aerobatics—like diving and rolling—that would have not been possible before, and brings us (them) a big step closer to faithfully reproducing the way real birds fly.”

Image: Gizmodo


David Greenway

David Greenway

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