Rural cybercafe users love Facebook, hate slow internet

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Students of the internet and human psyche – which is obviously all readers – there’s a fascinating study in a recent issue of the Annals of Library and Information Studies looking the use of cybercafé users in Tanzania’s Morogoro Province. It’s based on behaviours observed in 10 different cafes around the province, although it doesn’t mention whether there’s a distinction between those that are NGO funded and those which are purely a commercial enterprise.

Interesting stats from the piece: Firefox is the favoured browser (66.4%), Google the most commonly used search engine (88.3%) and most people find themselves in the cafes for education purposes (59%). Interestingly, I’ve heard a lot of anecdotal concerns in the past that cybercafes which are para-dropped in by NGOs often end up being used for browsing porn and little else – but this report says otherwise. Only 2.4% ‘fessed up to being regular perverts, while 85.6%) said they never look at the stuff, honest guv.

Where the people involved in the study don’t differ from the entire rest of the internet, however, is in their love of social media and hatred of loading times. 77.3% say they use Facebook regularly, and only 3% claim never to have seen Zuckerberg’s monster. At the same time, over 90% of people said that slow speeds were a problem they, making it even more infuriating than high costs.

We really are all the same, aren’t we?

Thanks to ICT Works for the lead, and Oafrica for the initial find.

Adam Oxford

Adam Oxford

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