Samsung’s new line-up: What you need to know

At an event in London last night, Samsung unveiled to the world a selection of new products that look designed to appeal to a much wider audience than ever before, covering Windows and Android fans, camera lovers, active people who need their phones to be water-resistant and more.

The Ativ Q convertible has both Windows 8 and Google’s Android operating systems installed, making it a Windows 8 notebook, a Windows 8 tablet and an Android tablet in a single device. It can even share data between the OSes.



The Galaxy S4 Active is a new waterproof version of the popular smartphone, which Samsung’s execs demonstrated by dunking it in an aquarium full of water. Our sources have confirmed the S4 Active will be coming to South Africa, but the timeframe is not yet known.





Samsung’s desire to beat Apple at its own game was very much on show with the latest Ativ PC, called the One 5. Its sleek looks could feasibly challenge Apple’s iMac line of computers, with the biggest differentiator being a thicker foot on top of which the system’s 21.5-inch screen is attached. On the inside, it runs an AMD processor and Windows 8, and comes with an assortment of ports, from USB to HDMI.




Samsung showed off the new Ativ Book 9 ultraportable, which will come in two flavours, namely Plus and Lite.The specs of both machines will differ in key areas like their screens (3200 x 1800 vs 1366 x 768), processor technologies (Haswell vs. unnamed “quad-core processor”) and battery performance (12 hours vs 8 hours), but at their core they’re both Windows 8 ultrabooks.




The latest Windows 8 tablet to come from Samsung’s fabs is the Ativ Tab 3, which Samsung claims is the world’s thinnest at just 8.1mm. 10 hours of battery life and an S-pen come standard.





The last product we’ll mention is the Galaxy NX interchangeable-lens camera, which we covered in our review that was posted shortly before last night’s press conference.






That’s a lot of pretty cool-looking tech, and we can’t wait to hear when it will all go on sale in South Africa. We’ve asked, and will let you know when we get an answer.

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