Sony’s 4K micro adverts at Wimbledon

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The All England Club has famously never allowed players to advertise their sponsors on their uniforms during Wimbledon, but Sony seems to have found a way to get past the regulations: by applying tiny “micro-adverts” to British tennis player Anne Keothavong‘s fingernails, clothing and sporting equipment, which are only viewable on 4K TVs. Not coincidentally, this week saw the Japanese electronics giant launch its 4K TVs in the UK.


Sony is not only one of the few manufacturers in the world offering 4K-resolution televisions, but they also supply the 4K cameras the BBC is using to record some of the matches at Wimbledon. While almost no consumers will be able to see the adverts in their homes for lack of a 4K TV, Sony will be playing the footage at an experience zone on the Wimbledon grounds to show off the advantages of the new technology.






David Greenway

David Greenway

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