Steam planning to let users share their digital games

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Despite Microsoft back-tracking and removing the game sharing for digital content on its yet-to-be-released Xbox One console, Steam might be offering it anyway – to PC users.

Over at NeoGAF forums users have been tinkering around with code inside the PC client for Steam, and discovered traces of a feature that points to game sharing. The specific code found is part of the notification that will alert a Steam user when their game is currently in use by a borrower, as well as a “shared game library”.

None of this is official, of course, and Valve will remain tight-lipped until such a time that it debuts the feature. Previous discoveries of upcoming Steam features have also been found by users poking and prodding, but this is the most interesting, given its timing and relevance to current events in the gaming market.

The Verge

Christo van Gemert

Christo van Gemert

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