Ubuntu Touch for phones supported by eight carriers

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The up-and-coming Ubuntu phone OS, which is a curious hybrid of Android and Linux desktop behaviour that’s actually a lot more impressive than that sounds, has been picked up by international cellphone networks around the world. According to the official site, there’s a Carrier Advisory Group (CAG) now supporting the independent OS made up of big names from Europe and Asia Everything Everywhere, Telecom Italia, SK Telecom, Korea Telecom, LG UPlus, and Deutsche Telecom.

CAG members will advise on the development of Ubuntu Touch over coming months and take priority when it comes to selecting launch partners in their territory. They’ll also lend their experienced voice to issues of potential platform fragmentation and web standards.

Ubuntu Touch is an interesting one, which was unveiled to a muted scepticism last year. With Windows and BlackBerry struggling against the might of Android and Apple, the theory went, what chance does the Linux developer have.

Of late, however, Ubuntu has seemed to be taken more seriously around the world as a viable alternative to Android. Especially by those who worry about Google’s massive dominance of smartphones.

Sadly, in a shocking failure of patriotic support for one of South Africa’s favourite sons – billionaire astronaut and exchange control fighter Mark Shuttleworth – no local carriers are currently involved in the CAG. Shame on you etc.




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