5 reasons to be at Geek Fest 2013

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We’ve already written about Geek Fest, the gathering and celebration of geek culture taking place at the end of August, but since then the event organisers have been ramping things up a bit.

Over the last week or so they’ve added a few new activities and happenings to the schedule for this year’s Geek Fest – and attendees are in for a treat.

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Star Wars out in the open


The organisers have arranged rights to host an outdoor screening of the Star Wars Trilogy. Because, as any real geek will tell you, there are only three Star Wars movies. Since it’s at the tail-end of August you can enjoy your favourite flicks right under a warm, starry sky – how poetic.

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Watch robots do battle


Yeah, that’s right – Geek Fest 2013 will have its very own Robot Wars arena. Teams who enter their creations will get free entry into Geek Fest, too. They’ve even pointed out a handy resource for getting your robotic warrior prepared for battle.

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Let your geek flag fly


If you get a little embarrassed wearing your Star Trek or anime t-shirts out to the movies, don’t worry. At Geek Fest you’ll be among people who proudly wear their Star Trek uniforms, Darth Vader masks, and Dragonball Z  costumes. There will also be a cosplay parade, for both humans, aliens, and pets. Want an outfit? The sponsors of Geek Fest, Dark Carnival, will have what you need.

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Get your game on


You don’t have to be a movie buff or pseudo superhero to enjoy your geekdom – a passion for gaming will do, too.  Keeping with the theme of superheroes and movies, there will be a gaming tournament for players of Netherrealm’s superhero-based Injustice. If you enter to play in the tournament you also get to register for cheaper tickets.

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Booty and bounty


To make sure you don’t leave empty-handed, there’ll be give-aways and competitions, too. And there’s also going to be a street market, where you can stock up on those elusive, hard-to-find import-only props and accessories.

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Christo van Gemert

Christo van Gemert

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