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Apple isn’t building a gaming console, it already has one

For years we’ve been hearing rumours of Apple making a gaming console to steal some of the casual gamer audience from companies like Nintendo. But what if Apple wasn’t making a games console, what if Apple already had a gaming console and had sold 6.5 million of them last year alone without anyone even knowing it? The Apple TV.

When Apple released the second generation Apple TV they made two very important changes to the Apple TV model, the first was a drastic price reduction to from $229 to only $99 making it less of a hobbyist accessory and more of a mainstream consumer product. The second was to do away with the hard drive and allow wireless streaming to become the standard for delivering content from your library or from the internet to the Apple TV. Consumers became more familiar with sending media from iPads and iPhones to their televisions From movies and music to pictures the Apple TV was turning televisions into the primary screen to view media on iOS devices in the home.



Dual Screen AirPlay is a feature that allows a game developers to use a television with a connected Apple TV as the main screen of the game with an iOS device as the second screen. While Apple advertises this under the AirPlay section of its website, Dual Screen AirPlay is not something that many people would know about or even have used because of the limited availability of games that use the feature. All of the processing is done by the iOS device itself and then the images are sent over WiFi to the Apple TV which displays them on screen. The iOS device is used as a controller with its gyroscope and touchscreen used as inputs. The best part of this strategy is that as people upgrade their phones and tablets they upgrade their gaming experience along with it, with new technology, new sensors and


When Apple decides to leverage this technology and forces game developers to code for AirPlay the gaming industry will have a powerful new player in the living room. One who won’t have to sell $500 consoles to start the ecosystem off, one whose controls and interface are already familiar to millions of users already and one whose brand is synonymous with revolutionising music and entertainment experiences already.

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