Bargain eBooks in Humble Bundle

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The guys over at Humble Bundle are always on a mission to bring great deals to the internet, and this time they’ve put together another eBook bundle.

Humble Bundle works on the principle of paying whatever you want to get the goods on offer. You could get away with paying only $1, but bear in mind that the proceeds of the sale go to the authors directly, a charity, and the organisers of the Humble Bundle. Said organisers have also implemented a smart system to make sure a fair price is paid. Paying more than the average donation will net you all six books on offer, while paying less than the average (currently around $9.40, or R95) will only get you 4 books. And, honestly, R95 for 6 books is a hell of a deal.

As expected of an internet project, the books on offer are from suitably geeky authors. Star Trek’s Will Wheaton proffers his life story in “Just a Geek”, while Peter Beagle’s “The Last Unicorn” is available as a deluxe edition – a sequel and extra comments from the author are included. Those two are the extras you get for paying more than the average, while the other four titles in the bundle include Cory Doctorow’s “Little Brother”, Cherie Priest’s “Boneshaker”, Robert Charles Wilson’s “Spin”, and Lois McMaster Bujold’s “Shards of Honor”.

The currentl bundle is still valid for another 13 days, so get on it, and fill your digital library with some quality reading.



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