Canadian teenager builds torch powered by body warmth

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The Google Science Fair is an online science competition for students ages 13-18 from around the world that looks for ideas that could potentially change the world.This years 15 finalists have  been announced and among them is 15-year old Canadian Ann Makosinski whose project the “Hollow Flashlight” uses the science behind Peltier tiles which produce electricity when one side is heated and the other side cooled. Using a hollow tube of aluminium and PVC covered in the tiles Ann was able to generate enough electricity to power 3 small LEDs in her torch by using the human body to heat the one side of the tiles while using ambient air to cool the other side. “The flashlight’s only limitation is its need for at least a 5°C temperature difference to provide usable light,” Makosinski writes but with only 4 components for the circuit and minimal other costs, the torches could be relatively inexpensive to produce making them ideal for areas where electricity is scarce.

Source: Cnet

David Greenway

David Greenway

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