Four more reasons to drop just R100 on the Humble eBook Bundle

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If you haven’t splashed out the meagre $10 for six excellent books in the Humble eBook Bundle, then you probably drive a hard bargain.

Anticipating that, the guys behind the bundle have sweetened the deal a bit. Instead of six books, 10 books are now on offer. Joining the others are works by Randall Munroe – better known for webcomic, xkcd. In fact, his book is a collection of the best xkcd comics in print form. Another big name makes an appearance, with “Signal to Noise”. Authored by Neil Gaiman and illustrated by Dave McKean, the graphic novel is a psychedelic trip inside the mind of a filmmaker.

New York Times best selling author Holly Black also has a book in the updated eBook Bundle, with her short story collection “The Poison Eaters and Other Stories”. Finally, collaborative effort “Machine of Death” will enthral, with its story about a machine that can predict how you’ll die given just a sample of your blood.

More books, more fun, more value.
More books, more fun, more value.

Like the two extra books in the Humble eBook Bundle, these four are only unlocked once you donate more than the average. Since the bundle started, last week, the average contribution has risen from around $9.40 (R95) to just over $10. With four more books, you’re still getting 10 in total for around R100. A bargain if ever there was.



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