Internet traffic stats illustrate shifting tech landscape

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The amount of internet traffic generated by the world’s various smartphones, PCs, browsers and operating systems is changing. Web analytics firm released a report in early July detailing how the total amount of traffic generated worldwide between July 2012 and June 2013 is broken up, with particular focus on the US and UK markets. The results show a shifting global tech landscape, with some surprising winners and not-so-surprising losers.

Samsung is the biggest winner, with the total traffic generated by its devices totalling 25.47% across the 300 million websites in’s worldwide network, overtaking the previous leader, Apple, whose traffic peaked at 25.09% in the same period. In contrast, Nokia and BlackBerry both saw their share of global traffic decline in the past year: Nokia is down to third place from first with 21.96%, and BlackBerry dropped from 5.0% to 3.62% despite several efforts to revitalise its brand.

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While the shifts on display aren’t exactly seismic, they do show that Samsung’s efforts to compete with pretty much everyone are starting to pay off, and some of the more established brands are facing an uphill struggle to regain their lost market share.

Other notable changes in the internet traffic landscape are the fact that Chrome overtook Internet Explorer as the most popular browser in the US for the first time, and both Internet Explorer and Firefox fell out of favour with American users in the same period.

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On the PC side of things, Windows 7 was shown to be the most popular operating system, increasing its share of internet usage from 51.14% in July 2012 to 52.62% in June 2013. Windows Vista and Windows 8 continue to struggle to find a foothold, generating only 5.4% and 5.94% of global internet traffic respectively, whereas Windows XP, Microsoft’s 12 year old operating system still commands a pretty impressive 21.06%.

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Deon du Plessis

Deon du Plessis

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