Kaspersky launches three-way security software licence

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At a press conference held at its fancy new head office in Moscow this morning, Kaspersky Lab lifted the wraps on the Multi-Device version of its Internet Security product.

As its name suggests the solution enables the protection for notebooks, tablet and smartphone with a single software license, providing of course the notebook is a Windows machine or Mac and the smartphone/tablet runs Android.

While the Windows and Mac solutions that have been around for ages have some interesting refinements (parental controls, software keyboards, and a blocker for ransomware), mobile protection is where the hot developments are taking place.

Kaspersky’s decision to focus on Android as opposed to other operating systems stems from the fact that (according to its research) Android smartphones make up 68% of the worldwide market and that 99% of mobile threats today, are targeted at this operating system. Add to this, the fact that many Android users side-load their applications and it’s clear why the need for protection exists.

Kaspersky says that it detected a sixfold increase in mobile malware between 2011 and 2012, and that the amount of mobile malware in market 48000 new instances of mobile malware were detected in the first six months of 2013 (a 237% increase) over 2012.

Like most security solutions, Kaspersky’s Android protection scans downloaded programs (using real-time threat information from the Kaspersky Security Network) to prevent the installation of rogue applications, or dodgy applications posing as legitimate ones.

Additionally though, the solution allows users to locate lost or stolen Android phones and tablets using GPS and cellular signals, and remotely lock and wipe devices if they cannot be recovered. The solution will even enable use of the smart device’s camera, for taking pictures of the thief.

Another nice feature is a call and text message filter, assisting users in blocking spam and cold calls.

The new product is being launched in concert with a new web portal known as the ‘Kaspersky Protection Center,’ which among other things, will offer end users access to a number of free security tools, such as a password manager that syncs login credentials across multiple devices and a social protection tool that provides users with extra piece of mind when visiting social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Brett Haggard

Brett Haggard

Brett is the big cheese at Hypertext Media. He's been covering the technology industry for so long, he's seen old technology be 'respun' as the next big thing one too many times. He started Hypertext in 2002 and quite frankly hasn't looked back (although he often longs for the days when a steady salary, sick days and leave were a given). Publications in his stable include htxt.africa; DailyFive (http://www.dailyfive.tv); Connect; Tarsus Channel and GirlGuides (http://www.girlguides.co.za). He also hosts the ZA Tech Show (http://www.zatech.co.za), does a monthly tech column for Sawubona and writes the odd gadget piece for a magazine here and there. Currently uses: 11-inch Macbook Air, iPhone 5, Blackberry Z10, iPad Mini, Nexus 7, Kindle Paperwhite, Marley TTR Headphones, Xbox360, PS3, Nintendo 3DS.