Live action Zombie Run returns to Johannesburg

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We’ve all tried (and failed) to outpace the zombie apolcalypse with the wonderful smartphone fitness app Zombies, Run!, but its still no substitute for the life or undeath pressure of the real thing, is it? If only there were some large scale and well organised event in which you could dress up like a hideously decomposed reanimated corpse and shuffle along at a high speed with other like-minded freaks individuals.

You know where this is going… Zombie Run, an open to all fun run and live action game is gearing up for its second competition which will take place at Geek Fest on 31st August at the Goldfields Kennel Club in Germiston. Register for the Zombie Run Geek Twilight Run and you can take part as a runner attempting to get away from ‘shufflers’ or ‘chasers’, while spectators play the part of the ‘horde’. Apparently the first event – held earlier this month – was a big success and the organisers are hoping for even more people to turn up this time.

I should probably make it clear that the Zombie Run isn’t affiliated to Zombies, Run! and hey – you can’t patent and idea, right?

We’ll be there, and I’ll be badgering the sportier members of the team to get their running shoes on.

Full details are here, and you can find out more about Geek Fest in our previous writings.

(Photo – Zombie Run South Africa)

Adam Oxford

Adam Oxford

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