Party with pirates… if you’re in Sweden

The Pirate Bay, better known for popularising BitTorrent and being a huge thorn in the side of the record and movie industry, is turning 10. Not only is that a ripe old age for something on the internet, it’s also an incredible achievement for a site that’s had to dodge legal challenges for most of its existence.

To celebrate the occasion the current owners are planning a party in Sweden, where six acts will be performing. Swedish metal band, Machinae Supremacy – known for its game-inspired samples – will also host a party in Stockholm. For those who can’t make it, the powers that be encourage other parties across the globe. If you do think it’s worth celebrating 10 years of torrenting you can set up an event and post about it on Facebook.

Or you could, you know, just download bootleg videos of the events after the fact.


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