Samsung overtakes Apple in SA tablet sales

Is Samsung about to become South Africa’s favourite tablet supplier after GlaxoSmithKline? The ever prolific analyst Arthur Goldstuck has put together this handy infograph based on the latest reports from World Wide Worx which suggest it may well do so soon. In an article on the subject over the weekend he says that the Korean firm is already selling more tablets than Apple in South Africa, selling 214 000 units in 2013 compared to Apple’s 150 000 – he also says that there’s likely to be a surge of buyers for brands like ASUS soon too, as they finally get their acts together.

Personally, I find the surprising thing is that there’s been so few sales to date – just 1.4million tablets sold in three years, a third of which have been in the last six months. I’d expect the cheaper competition to do well over  the next year as their products get better and can take on ludicrously over-priced laptops.

Full image below.

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