Samsung’s next smart TV could be powered by Boxee

Samsung’s smart TV business is about to get a bit more serious for the company. Earlier this week news surfaced that the Korean electronics giant had acquired Boxee, a small company that previously developed the Boxee media centre software, and more recently partnered with D-Link to bring Boxee-powered set-top boxes to the lounge.

Samsung says hopes to use Boxee’s talent to further develop its own internet-enabled devices. Since Boxee’s software (a heavily modified version of XBMC), is a very internet-centric media delivery system, it’s fair to assume that a Boxee-like experience could be coming to Samsung’s future smart TVs.

It’s an interesting development in the race to get control of users’ lounges. Microsoft’s already pushing hard with Windows 8 and the Xbox One, while Apple’s iTunes ecosystem is the perfect partner for its Apple TV – not to mention constant rumours of an actual Apple-powered television. Sony isn’t as focussed on delivering video and streaming entertainment with its PS4, but there’s no doubt that the console will also be used for the growing number of streaming services.

Meanwhile, LG’s current crop of smart TVs also use software based on XBMC. Plex is loaded on LG’s smart tellies, and it’ll plug into any media server that runs the Plex server software.


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