the iOS app that timeout self-destructs Facebook photos

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In May we covered a story that showed that one in ten young people will not get a job because of their social media profile. 2PNG is a new photo sharing app for iOS that tries to limit the amount of damage a shared photo can do to you by introducing several safety features. When you upload a photo to Facebook using you set a filter that obscures the image for people viewing it on your timeline and then authorise certain contact to be able to remove the filter and view the photo. You then also set a duration for the picture to be available for, after which it will be deleted from Facebook. states in the FAQ “We believe that each sharing has a life and a context; it should not be available for distribution for ever.” which I doubt the folks at Facebook appreciate considering the work they’ve done to turn Facebook into a timeline of your life. will have a difficult time catching on with people because of the device limitatition which would prevent a friend without an iOS device from being able to see the pictures you have sent them. You could of course just set up your Facebook Privacy settings to ensure that your photos are being shared privately.

David Greenway

David Greenway

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