See Grand Theft Auto V in action

Rockstar released the first Grand Theft Auto V video yesterday that shows off how the game plays. It’s not a cutscene or a trailer – it’s actual in-game, honest-to-goodness “this is what you’ll be doing” footage showing off the impressive array of cool activities you will be able to enjoy when the game is released on September 17, in addition to, you know, playing through the story.

Keep an eye out for the few seconds of multiplayer Rockstar shows off towards the end; blink, and you might miss it. We should also stress that this being GTA, some of the content in the video might not be entirely suitable to minors.

In case you’ve been living a disconnected life for the past year, here’s the skinny on why GTA V is promising to be one of the best games Rockstar has ever made: it has not one, but three  fascinating antagonists that players can switch between at will, a game world bigger than those of San Andreas and GTA IV combined, and a story involving not only the general criminal mayhem the series is known for, but incredible heists which players can plan and execute in different ways.

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