Thrifty Thursday: Screens and storage for all

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If you’ve been looking for a new LCD TV or a backup solution for the whole house then this week’s Thrifty Thursday is for you.

Sinotec 39-inch Full HD LCD TV (R2 999)


If you’ve been planning on getting a new 40-inch TV then STOP! Game are offering a 39-inch (close enough to 40 right?) Sinotech TV for only R2 999, it’s such a good deal you might want to buy the kids one so that they can play games on their own TV.






Western Digital MyBook 4TB external desktop HDD (R2 000)



Finding a  drive big enough to back up all of your family’s computers and media should be difficult, unless you have a 4TB MyBook monster. Dion Wired happen to be having a special on them at the moment at the magical price of R2000 hitting the sweet R500/TB mark that we love seeing.


David Greenway

David Greenway

David is a technology enthusiast with an insatiable thirst for information. He tends to get excited over new hardware and will often be the one in the room going "Its got 17 cores, 64GB of RAM and a 5" 4K flexible OLED display, oh it makes phone calls too?" Currently uses: Too many phones. Wants: World peace... and more phones.