Twitter Tuesday: Wimbledon tweets by the numbers

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During the climax of the Wimbledon more than 120 000 tweets mentioning the final were being sent per minute that’s more than were sent when the Spice Girls appeared on stage at the Olympic Games opening ceremony. IBM analysed the flurry of activity and came back with some interesting takes on the statistics.

  • Andy Murray was the most popular player of the tournament, being mentioned on Twitter more than 1.1 million times which is unsurprising considering the record breaking nature of his victory becoming the first British man to win at Wimbledon for 77 years.
  • When Andy won Wimbledon only two (out of 10) trending topics within the UK were not related to Wimbledon.
  • Wimbledon was mentioned over 5.3 million times up from the 2.5 million mentions in 2012.
  • While the two men’s finalists accrued just shy of 2 million mentions. The other three players in the top-five list, Juan Mertin Del Potro, Rafael Nadal and Fernando Verdasco were mentioned just over half a million times in total.
  • The most mentioned female was  ladies’ singles runner up Sabine Lisicki who received only 300,721 mentions despite being on top of the pile for the ladies.
  • Britain’s tennis players received the highest proportion of supportive tweets, but it was Laura Robson and not Andy Murray who came out on top with 94.7% positive feedback in tweets mentioning her.

David Greenway

David Greenway

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