Two out of every three tablets sold is now an Android

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So yesterday we wrote about the situation in South Africa vis a vis Apple versus Samsung in the great galactic battle for tablet marketshare. Turns out that while things are quite close here, in the global scheme of things Apple is taking a pummelling. According to a report out from Strategy Analytics this morning, Android-powered tablets now account for a massive 67% of sales, leaving Apple’s iPad range with just 28.3% of the total.

As late as November last year, IDC was reporting almost the exact opposite in terms of marketshare, but Samsung, Google and Amazon have all made big inroads on to Apple’s turf, resulting in overall fall in iPad sales year-on-year by 2.5 million units – as the company reported last week – while thee overall market grew by 25 million devices compared to the same quarter in 2012.

Strategy Analytics numbers include Kindle Fires as powered by the Google operating system, and peg Windows 8 devices at 4.5% of the total sold.

(Hat tip: Android Community)



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