Vodacom, MTN, Cell C keep promotional data bundle pricing

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Vodacom, MTN, and Cell C are clearly still at war when it comes to pricing for mobile data bundles. The companies recently announced that their promotional pricing would continue for the foreseeable future.

Cell C’s promotional data bundle prices, introduced in April, were set to expire at the end of June, but the company confirmed today that the prices would be valid until the end of September 2013. The prices below are from Cell C’s press release, though they aren’t readily available on its website.

Cell C's prices, in full.
Cell C’s prices, in full.

Vodacom’s promotional prices were also set to expire soon – the 6th of July – but the company is following suit and also extending its promotion to the 6th of September.

Vodacom’s broadband contract subscribers will pay:

  • MyMeg 500 – R39 per month
  • MyGig 1 – R69 per month
  • MyGig 2 – R99 per month
  • MyGig 3 – R169 per month
  • MyGig 5 – R259 per month
  • MyGig 10 – R499 per month

Prepaid data users on Vodacom can expect to pay:

  • MyMeg 30 – R12
  • MyMeg 100 – R29
  • MyMeg 250 – R59
  • MyMeg 500 – R99
  • MyGig 1 – R149
  • MyGig 2 – R249
  • MyGig 3 – R299
  • MyGig 5 – R399
  • MyGig 20 – R499

And voice contract subscribers will pay:

  • MyMeg 100 – R29
  • MyMeg 250 – R59
  • MyMeg 500 – R99
  • MyGig 1 – R149
  • MyGig 2 – R249

Both Vodacom and Cell C were, arguably, responding to MTN’s announcement that it would extend its Big Data Sale promotional pricing to last until the end of September.

MTN’s pricing is as follows.

  • 500MB Classic – R39 per month
  • 1GB Classic – R69 per month
  • 2GB Classic – R99 per month
  • 1GB Topup – R99 per month (includes modem)
  • 2GB Topup – R149 per month (includes modem)
  • 500MB Classic – R49 per month (includes modem)
  • 1GB Classic – R79 per month (includes modem)
  • 2GB Classic – R119 per month (includes modem)

All of the above are valid for 24-month contracts.



Christo van Gemert

Christo van Gemert

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