Free Stuff Friday

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A free day off, and now some actual free stuff to take advantage of. It’s been a slow week, but we’ve still found some freebies floating around on the web – grab ’em while they’re hot.


399297_largerMail Ninja, which usually costs R24.99, is another take on the boring old email client – except it has a full gesture-driven interface, letting you navigate your inbox faster than ever before. It also has the option to lock your email access, so even if somebody does get a hold of your phone your messages are safe and sound.





Small business owners will find Exigo to be nearly indispensable. This iPad app, now free from the usual R24.99, lets you organise and create invoices and receipts. It even doubles up as a task manager, so you know when to follow up with clients. A great way to complement your existing accounting package, too.



142890_largerOkay, to be fair, Sketch Synth FX is now free because its author is discontinuing support to work on other apps, but that doesn’t mean it’s worth any less. It turns your iPhone into a synthesiser, so you just drag your fingers across the display to play digital music – sort of like a Korg Kaos pad. But, you know, free.



334840_largerHaving a good password manager is critical in this day and age – it’s difficult to keep track of the passwords for all the accounts we need to remain functional online. To make it easier, SplashID Safe Password Manager lets you store all your passwords in an encrypted database, and stored for easy access. Free, now, from R79.99.





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