Free Stuff Friday

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Once again we are happy to bring you Free Stuff Friday the once a week look at some goodies that you won’t have to part with your hard earned cash for.

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Cut the Rope HD

iOS Apps

Cut The Rope

Yesterday we promoted the fact that one of my favourite games ever, Cut the Rope: Time Travel, had a price drop on iOS. Today the original version of Cut the Rope is free for both iPad and for the iPhone. In other words if you thought that it was still too expensive to play the game yesterday, go out and download the original today.

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Flickr for iOSFlickr for iOS

Yahoo has been revamping Flickr to try and ensure that the photo sharing service does not fade into obscurity. The new version of Flickr for iOS is still free, comes with 1TB of photo storage and now it brings a level of photo editing ability that is reminiscent of desktop Photoshop, it’s definitely worth a download.

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Cut the Rope HDAndroid Apps

Amazon App Store & Cut The Rope

Not only is the Amazon App Store now available for South African users, which of course guarantees them a free app a day, but the free app for today happens to be… Cut The Rope. The stars have aligned and it’s time for the iOS and the Android users of South Africa to unite in their unified ability to waste time playing and awesome game.

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Free rides with Uber

You can still get 2 free rides worth up to R200 from the good folks at Uber and just by redeeming a code in the app. Give the service a try, especially if you’re in Cape Town where they’ve just launched.


David Greenway

David Greenway

David is a technology enthusiast with an insatiable thirst for information. He tends to get excited over new hardware and will often be the one in the room going "Its got 17 cores, 64GB of RAM and a 5" 4K flexible OLED display, oh it makes phone calls too?" Currently uses: Too many phones. Wants: World peace... and more phones.