The new Doctor Who is Peter f***ing Capaldi. Oh yes.

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Sunday’s being the best day to make a big media announcement, the BBC unveiled the new face of Doctor Who last night, revealing the actor that will take over from Matt Smith during the 50th anniversary Christmas special.

As far as we know, the Christmas special is set to feature pretty much all 11 previous incarnations of the Doctor. At the end of the last episode, screen legend John Hurt (Alien, The Elephant Man, etc) made an appearance as the Doctor but he’s not going to be taking the role into the next series. That honour now lies with the man pictured above: Peter Capaldi.

Capaldi is, in our humble opinion, an awesome choice for the Doctor. He couldn’t be more different to Smith. Another Scot – like David Tenant – he’s one of the UK’s most versatile actors and could take the Doctor into either a very dark and serious phase or one of light hearted comedy just as easily.

The only thing is that Capaldi is best known right now for his role as Malcolm Tucker in the UK political satire The Thick of It and its spin-off movie In The Loop (which starred the late James Gandolfini). Tucker’s character is definitely not prime time family viewing. Tucker is based on Tony Blair’s press secretary at the height of his term as Prime Minister, Alastair Campbell. He has become legendary as one of the most sweary TV characters ever created, rivalling even Iain McShane’s glorious profane turn as Al Swearengen in HBO series Deadwood.

Examples of Tucker dialogue include the phrases “He’s as much use as a marzipan dildo” and “I’ve booked you in for the usual soapy tit wank farewell at No. 10.” You can find more choice phrases that are definitely NSFW over here. Or you can watch a montage of his best moments over here.

The Thick of It is widely – and rightly – regarded as one of the best things the BBC has done for years, although its political nature means it doesn’t travel well outside of that land. It’s going to be fantastic to see Capaldi’s talents opened up to a global audience.

(Image copyright BBC, shot by Rankin yesterday)



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