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Free Stuff Friday


It’s Friday again, and you know what that means: FREE STUFF! We trawled the ‘net so you don’t have to, and we’ve found a few neat apps for the most popular phones around. Sorry, BlackBerry, nothing for you.


Candy Stealer

Looking for a fun platformer to occupy yourself while you’re on the loo? Try Candy Stealer, a jumping, monster-dodging, candy-collecting physics-based platformer with15 challenging levels that will keep your fingers very busy indeed.

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Evomail incorporates many features of desktop mail clients like push notifications, archiving, labelling, and viewing mail trails as conversations. It supports  Gmail, Yahoo Mail, iCloud, AOL Mail, GMX, Fastmail, Yandex and other IMAP email accounts, with Exchange and POP3 support coming in a future version.

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Windows Phone

The Sims FreePlay

Exactly as the name suggests, this is a Sims game that’s completely free to play. Get lost in EA’s virtual world and mess with it in ways you can’t mess with real life without getting arrested!

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Minions Space Battle

Despicable Me’s Minions now have their own game! It’s not a brilliant game (or an official movie tie-in), but it’s fun for a few minutes. It’s a Galaga-styled arcade game where you have to chuck bananas at enemy Minions to progress; the controls are a bit fiddly but hey, it’s free!

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Photo Blur

This simple tool lets you turn any of your photos into blurry, abstract pieces of art, perfect for use as backgrounds or anywhere else you might find a use for them.

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Tesla Toy

If you enjoy little time-waster apps that are fun for a minute or two here and there, you’ll probably get a kick out of Tesla Toys. The app responds to taps with a pretty light show and features “particles” that arrange themselves to the location of your fingers.

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