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Free Stuff Friday


Welcome to Friday’s Free Stuff! Here you’ll find a few free thingies that will make your life a bit better, partly because they’re actually pretty good, but mostly because they’re free. Enjoy!


If you use your Android phone or tablet a lot for work, chances are you’ll have come across the need to either edit or create a document from Microsoft’s Office suite of programs. You may have found an app or two that offers it, but they were probably not as good or comprehensive as you’d have liked. That all ends with today’s freebie: QuickOffice. It’s an Android app, created by Google for the Play Store that edits and creates Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. It was previously available for a fee, but Google recently made it 100% free for anyone to download and use. It’s by no means comprehensive – you’ll still need Office on a PC or Mac to create complex, intricate documents – but you’ll definitely be able to view documents and do some basic editing using your phone or tablet.


Copy – Free online storage

Everyone knows about DropBox and SkyDrive, two of the most popular free online storage services, but do you know about Copy? It’s exactly the same thing, in principle, but instead of a measly 7GB or a positively pathetic 5GB, Copy gives everyone who signs up to their beta programme 15GB of free online storage FOR LIFE! And if you tell your friends about it and they sign up for Copy as well, using you as a reference, you get an extra 5GB of storage EACH! How’s that for a great deal? Best of all, it works on every major platform from Mac OS X to Android to iOS to Windows to Linux.


Beneath a Steel Sky

This game was made in the adventure-gaming heydeys that were the 1990s. It’s a classic 2D point-and-click adventure from Revolution Studios, and it was one of the best games of the era. The game tells a cyberpunk-themed story from the creator of the Watchmen series of comic books, Dave Gibbons, in which you must change the balance of power in the dystopian city you find yourself in, all while facing the ills that imbalance has caused, from psychotic criminals to a government that spies on its people. It’s a must-play for fans of great fiction, and it’s completely free on GOG.com.

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