Thrifty Thursday: Xbox accessories, tablets, stand-up comedy, and more

Thrifty Thursday

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Hisense 50-inch full HD 3DTV

Head on over to Makro, and you can score a big-screen bargain. For R8 999 you get a grand 50 inches on which to enjoy your HD content. It’s also got LED backlighting, so images are crisp in both dark rooms and those with bright lighting. Add in 3D, for the kids to enjoy all those 3D Blu-ray films, and this becomes a great way to upgrade your lounge.


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Xbox 360 Wireless Controller

Xbox accessories aren’t usually the cheapest of things, so there should be no need to justify the bargain over at Cats Digital. They’ve got a wireless Xbox 360 controller for the how-is-that-even-possible price of R199. Buy two of these, and you’ll still have spent less than you’d pay for one, any other day of the year.

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Nokia Lumia 520

On the hunt for a real smartphone, but don’t have the dosh to splash out on a high-end model? HiFi Corporation has a Lumia 520, running Windows Phone 8. It’s a damn fine phone, and for the price of R1 999 it’s a no-brainer. Better yet, HiFi Corp sweetens the deal by throwing in a R1 000 in-store gift voucher. Now you can go wild and get a protective cover or nice set of headphones for it, too.

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Kindle Fire HD 7

Incredible Connection is offering Amazon’s own Android tablet, the Kindle Fire HD 7, for an irresistible R2 499 – R800 off its regular price. Well worth it for anybody who wants a simplified Android experience, especially with the curated Kindle app store and its free downloads.

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Humble Comedy Bundle

Everybody likes a laugh, and the current Humble Bundle – dedicated to making you grin – can be had for a smile. If you contribute at least $1 (around R10), you’ll get four comedy shows: two in audio format and two in video format.

Donate more than the average $8.38 (around R85) and you’ll get an additional six shows, including content from Louis CK and Patrice O’Neal. Ten comedy acts for less than R100.

Really, at prices like those everybody gets the last laugh.


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