BBM for Android and iOS adds 20 million users in a week

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Blackberry releases BBM for Android and iOS last week and today the company is trumpeting the success that they have had in a blog post on the company site. According to the entry 20 million new users were added to the BBM service in the past week with the total monthly active users (MAU) now sitting at 80 million. The BBM app is the top free app in over 35 countries in the Google Play Store including in South Africa where it raced past its competitors including WhatsApp who recently announced that they have 350 MAU.

The biggest change since the app launched last week is the removal of the queuing system which saw users having to wait in ‘a line’ to receive access to BBM. Users are now able to sign up and immediately begin using the service.

You can download BBM for Android in the Google Play Store or for iOS from the iTunes App Store.

Source: Blackberry

David Greenway

David Greenway

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