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Logitech’s PowerShell Controller turns your iPhone into a gaming console

Logitech has just released a new iPhone/iPod Touch accessory that will essentially allow the device to be transformed into a powerful gaming console. The new PowerShell Controller ads a D-Pad, 2 shoulder buttons and four standard face buttons to the iPhone 5/5c/5s using the Lightning connector at the bottom of the phone. It also includes an adapter to work with the newest generation of iPod Touches. Understanding that gaming puts a serious strain on the iPhone’s processor and therefore on battery life, the PowerShell Controller adds a 1500mAh battery pack inside of it which nearly doubles the 1570mAh battery that the iPhone 5S uses.

The controller is one of the first in what will be a wave of iOS peripherals that will look to take advantage of the fact that Apple has created a set of standards for game controllers to be certified through Apple’s MFi accessory certification program. In conjunction with this program, game developers for iOS can access an API that takes the inputs from the controllers. There are already games coded for the new controllers including shooter Dead Trigger 2, racing game Asphalt 8: Airborne, and RPG Bastion.

More than just turning the iPhone into a portable games console, the Logitech PowerShell Controller and its ilk will be able to turn the combination of an Apple TV and an iPhone into a powerful home console, something we predicated happening back in June.

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