Poll shows 34% of Gauteng motorists want an etag, 58% against the system

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Gauteng motorists would argue that there’s no need to conduct a poll to see that they’re vehemently against the government’s blanket tolling of major highways around the province.

Nonetheless, research firm Ipsos has results from its study, which shows that just 10% of polled motorists strongly agree with the statement, “I have bought an e-toll tag already or intend to buy one”.

Another 28% merely agreed with the statement – perhaps showing that some have accepted the inevitability of the government’s new tolling plan. This contrasts with 42% of those polled who disagreed with the statement.


The questions were posed to Gauteng’s road users between 11 October and 21 November this year. On November 20 transport minister Dipuo Peters announced that the etoll system would go live on the 3rd of December.

However, the numbers for those who disagree with tolling paint a picture that is more representative of the current mood among taxpayers, who have been resistant to the new road tax.

161873Ipsos asked those surveyed whether they agree with the toll that is to be paid in Gauteng, and there only 10% strongly agreed with the sentiment, while another 24% merely agreed that the toll is an acceptable measure. 20% chose to remain neutral – perhaps those who are sitting on the fence, and waiting to see what happens after December 3rd. A total of 44% disagreed that tolling was the answer for Gauteng’s new highways.

The split is fairly even between those who accept etolls and those who oppose the system, and roughly the same amount of people are sitting on the fence to wait and see what happens.

But perhaps the most telling statistic of all comes with the third finding in the Ipsos survey. Motorists were asked whether the government should find an alternative to the toll system for Gauteng, and here a mere 14% of respondents disagreed, while a whopping 58% of respondents agreed that an alternative should be found.

161874Image credits: Ipsos


Christo van Gemert

Christo van Gemert

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