Intel’s new range of wearable tech and a PC the size of an SD Card

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Intel had a busy day at CES announcing a range of wearable gadgetry and a new PC that could be confused for an SD card. Intel’s new CEO Brian Krzanich took the stage and showed off the new Edison PC which is powered by Intel’s Quark processor which got us all excited in September. The Edison runs on a dual-core 400 MHz system on a chip (SoC) style processor similar to what you would find in a mobile phone and has built in Bluetooth and WiFi modules. Edison will have even have its own app store and will support multiple operating systems. Intel has aimed Edison at the developer community and Krzanich said that to get developer interest going there is up to $1.3 million in prizes from Intel with a first prize of $500 000 for those who use Edison in wearable tech.

Along with tiny PCs Intel also took the opportunity to show off a range of wearable tech reference designs. The first one is a set of earbuds for the fitness crowd which are powered by the headphone jack of your smartphone and are able to detect your heartrate and display it on a companion app.

The second announcement will delight fans of the Iron Man franchise of movies with an always-on, always-listening Siri like personal assistant in a headset called Jarvis (the same name as Tony Stark’s personal AI in the movies). The headset listens out for your voice and replies in kind when given instructions allowing you to make appointments which have been cross-referenced with your calendar to see if you’re available, check your messages and set reminders. to ensure that you never have to worry about finding the charger for your Jarvis Intel also showed off a concept wireless charging bowl for you to dump your tech inside when you’re not using it to keep the batteries topped up.

Images: Intel

David Greenway

David Greenway

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