Prepare your Post-its: Kanban creator to host courses in Joburg & CT

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Software developers – have you ever wanted someone to thank/blame for that wall covered in Post-it notes behind you? Now’s your opportunity as Daniel Vacanti, one of the co-founders of Kanban for Software Development, is coming to South Africa to talk about how it works and why.

Apparently Vacanti will about Kanban in practice using his own experience and how it can be used to keep projects on track, within budget and producing high quality results.

The original Kanban system – which is Japanese for ‘signboard’ – was developed by Toyota in the 1940s to help manage production lines at its factories. In recent years, it has become a widely adopted system of project management closely linked to ‘Agile’ development, in which every task that needs to be performed is written on a Post-it note and moved along a wall as its picked up by a developer, worked on, tested and so on.

Many large and successful companies, such as Thoughtworks, use Kanban to track code development and keep everyone on track, preferring the physical aspect of moving notes along to digital planners which can be more easily ignored. They also mean that everyone on a team can quickly see what everyone else is working on, and what small tasks might need doing.

Here at, we use something similar to track editorial duties.

Vacanti worked with David J Anderson on the original Kanban for Development project, and remains Anderson’s business partner. He lectures on Kanban techniques all over the world, and is being hosted here in South Africa by the Johannesburg Centre for Software Engineering (JCSE) and Project Management South Africa.

There are two three-day courses, at JCSE in Joburg from 18-21st February and in Cape Town from 24th-27th February with a variety of different ticket options, ranging from R500 to R10 000 for the lot. Early bird discounts are available for the next ten days.

Full details are available over here.

Want more Kanban info? Check out this video of a lecture by Vacanti while in Ohio below.


(Main image – CC Dennis Hamilton)



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