Techs in the City: 6 reasons online dating sites are so busy this time of year

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According to international online dating site, the week of January 5th is its busiest week of the year as post-Christmas singletons sign up in droves looking for love. Who knows why? There’s lots of speculation as to why this is, but this is my (somewhat cynical) take:

You’ve had a couple of disastrous/drunken/meaningless hook-ups over the holiday season and it’s time to start afresh.

Albert from accounts who you’re sure had an endearing nerdy way about him during your boozy office Christmas party now doesn’t seem so appealing in the cold light of January and the hottie that you kissed on the beach at New Year turned out to jailbait. Let’s just take a deep breath and start again.

You’d really like to get back into the dating game but you’re so damned busy.

What with all the other New Year’s resolutions and renewed focus on work, who has the time to go on multiple dates with no guarantee of a decent time, let alone a boyfriend? Online dating provides convenience and should, in theory, provide some of the vetting process for you so you can concentrate on the important stuff like, whether his hatred of Justin Beiber is solid enough … or whatever.

New Year’s resolutions that centre on your love life.

New Year, new you right? It’s time to refocus on what you should be looking for in a man rather than messing around with commitmentphobes who offer great sex but very little else.

Less parties, more routine, less money

December is an expensive time of year for most. Whether you’re spending your hard-earned moola on trips away, gifts for loved ones or dinners out, it can leave one’s January bank balance feeling a bit sorry for itself. Naturally this means you’re likely to be a tad thriftier and avoid expensive social gatherings where there’s a chance of meeting someone.

Valentine’s Day is approaching

What’s worse than being single when the clock strikes 12 at New Year and everyone is sucking each other’s faces? That’s right, being bombarded by advertising that laughs in the face of singletons on the cruelest of the commercial holidays.

Another year where you get another year older

A dawn of a new year can remind you that you’re not getting any younger. You might not be past your sell-by-date quite yet but you’re beginning to feel like all the other girls in the bars you hang out in whilst looking for a potential date must surely be underage. Newsflash: they’re well into their twenties and you’re just old. Damn.

All jokes aside, I personally think online dating is great for busy professionals. Stats suggest that whilst the majority of people agree with me here, far fewer would admit to using such services. Don’t be shy people – there are hotties out there in the digital ether, just waiting for you to logon! Good luck finding love in 2014!

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Jo Crawshaw

Jo Crawshaw

A Brit in SA, Jo is a digital anthropologist, tea-drinker, musician and boxer. As the Africa General Manger for The Mobile Entertainment Forum, she spends a lot of time talking tech and playing with gadgets. The rest of the time she can be found losing brain cells either in the boxing ring or in Jo’burg bars, depending on how active she’s feeling. She enjoys a good jam with fellow musos and has a penchant for making spontaneous travel plans.