Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition runs better on the PS4

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The Definitive Edition of 2013’s Tomb Raider is coming to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on the 7th of February, and it features better graphics that bring it closer to what PC gamers got to experience last year, this time for Sony and Microsoft’s new consoles. It will also include all of the game’s downloadable content as well, all wrapped up in a neat package for PS4 and Xbox One owners to enjoy, either for the first time or again. It releases next Friday, on the 31st of January.

But all is not well with the game’s smoothness on the Xbox One. Yesterday, Australian gaming website reported that the “Definitive Edition” of Tomb Raider runs at a lower frame rate on the Xbox One than it does on the PlayStation 4. The site reported that according to their sources, the PS4 manages an average frame rate of 55 frames per second while the Xbox One only manages around 35fps.

RochetChainsaw amended their original story which claimed an average of 60fps for PS4 and 30fps for Xbox One, with the explanation that a more accurate assessment was that both games ran at frame rates above and below those two thresholds at times, but would hover around those marks on average. Both builds run at 1080p, however, so there’s at least no discrepancy in resolution.

This adds fuel to the fires that started last year over reports that the PS4 is more powerful than the Xbox One.

Crystal Dynamics, the game’s developer, has not weighed in yet with an official statement. Regardless, the truth will be out next Friday once the game hits store shelves.

Fortunately (sort of), South Africans need not even worry about the issue, as the only version we are getting is for the PlayStation 4. Still, it’s something to keep in mind for anyone considering getting an Xbox One when they finally do arrive. Microsoft SA is still mum on when that will be, though.

Deon du Plessis

Deon du Plessis

Deon got his first taste of PC gaming at the tender age of 11 when his father bought an 8088 XT, ostensibly to "help him with his homework". Instead, it introduced him to Leisure Suit Larry, King Graham, Sonny Bonds and many more, and Deon has been a PC gamer and hardware enthusiast ever since. He landed his first professional writing gig in 2006 at a prestigious local PC magazine, a very happy happenstance as he got to write for a living about things he loves - tech, PCs, gaming, and everything in between. He's been writing about it all ever since, and loves every minute of it.


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