We Heart It: a social network to spread love through photos

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Photo sharing services aren’t a new concept in the social networks universe, but what separates We Heart It from the rest is that its sole purpose is to spread nothing but love thereby fighting online bullying. How? On We Heart It, it’s simple, you can only ‘heart’, follow or ignore a photo, no comments are allowed.

“Social networks mimic what happens in the real world,” CEO Ranah Edelin told Cult of Mac. “There is a ton of bullying on them and they mimic popularity contests. Our users tell us they love We heart It because they can express themselves authentically without having to brag or worry about getting bullied.”

We Heart It combines features similar to Instagram and Pintrest where you can use filters and tags, share other users’ photos, upload images directly from the web, group your photos into collections and share them to Facebook and Twitter.

“It’s all about expression through images, which matches a macro trend around the digital web that is all about using pictures as the core unit of expression,” says Edelin.

Sound like something you’d fancy? Download We Heart It for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

[Image: iTunes App Store]